Title: Shadow of a Man

Artist: Bonnie Dune

Played: 1169 times

Title: Free

Artist: Bonnie Dune

Played: 2047 times

Title: Endless Summer

Artist: Bonnie Dune

Played: 1519 times
He had heavy hands,
he loved to play the drums real hard,
he loved to push things a little bit faster (…)
He definitely brought energy to Bonnie Dune and that’s something I’ll miss.

Title: Maybe Tonight

Artist: Bonnie Dune

Played: 1739 times

"Because, when I was a little girl, my mom said to me, 'Barbra Streisand never got a nose job— you're never getting one.' Barbra showed women that it’s not necessary to alter yourself to become successful. Instead, she made most of what she had, and it launched her career. When I first watched Funny Girl, I’d never felt so connected to a story or a character. The minute it was over, I poured myself a glass of champagne, got out crackers and cream cheese, and played it again from the beginning— it’s my favorite movie of all time. People often ask me what I want to do most in my career, and I don’t even want to pick: I want to be able to do a great film or a Broadway play, or make an amazing album. Barbra’s won an Oscar, a Grammy, and a Tony. It’s inspiring to see someone achieve success in many different fields while still maintaining her individuality”

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msleamichele Behind the scenes of my @glamourmag shoot celebrating the amazing @BarbraStreisand!

"I feel like I’ve lived a league of lives, you know, and done so many things and seen so many things. And I wanna do as much as I can."

“Girl power to me, means being strong and independent, and being supportive of other women. I think the best advice for girls who want to be powerful… it really requires believing in yourself, trusting yourself.”

"I somehow feel the insane love Cory and I had for each other morphed into this strength that I have right now. There’s just something about knowing he’s watching everything I’m doing and feeling like I have to do everything now not just for me but for him."